Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Add Credits After Making You Movie On Windows Movie Maker

I am Sure most of us use Windows Movie Maker for prdoucing home movies and its no good telling about how to add effects how to add transitions and how to add music etc etc etc.Because frankly everyone knows how to do that but did you know that you can add credits intros and titles after befire and in the movie the picture will help you do that.Just click and try and learn thats the policy i apply when i come across a new software.

[NOTE: Read The rest of the post after trying all this.]

Did you like what you saw ? You can use these effects while using Windows Movie Maker next time.
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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Subscribe To Feeds Rather Than Visiting Blogs

Have started reading blogs and are reading some them everyday? Well you can save a lot of time if you use feeds indtead of visting the blogs again and again.
If you use IE7 its really very simple-When you visit a blog you'll se that the feed icon (next the home icon on top-right)willl turn orange.Click on it and you'll see the "subscribe to this feed" page click on subscribe and you can view the feed articles in your favourites menu where the same feed icon will turn orange if there is any new article on the blog.

If you dont use IE7 no need to fret you can use many feed readers such as Google Reader to read your feeds.

So stop visiting blogs and start subscribing to feeds.

MS Office Trial Not Available In India...

Microsoft is not offering the 60-day trial of Office 2007 in India. So if i buy a computer from US that has the option to validate the pre-installed 60 day trial i cannot use it.Why have they nnot made it available is a mystery to me are they scared it might be pirated if they give it for triall in india?

Has anyone got any answer to this? How can we try MS Office in India before buying it. I didn't really like their stupid shareware thing which they use to showcase the product in india.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Help The Taj Win...

This post does not really have anything to do with the theme of the blog but had to do this because i am an Indian and proud to be so.
The poll is on to decide the new 7 Wonders of The World and Taj Mahal has been nominated so pleez go ahead and vote for the Taj.
For Voting log on to and make Taj a wonder of the world again.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Get A Ton Of Traffic Courtisy John Chow Dot Com

Mr. John Chow who writes a blog that helps people make money.He has started another of his trademark evil schemes to help you get a portion of his huge daily traffic.Review his blog and he will link back to you.

His Blog is one i'd like to reccommend to all who want to make money online or build a sucessfull blog. I specially learned a lot from his ebook. If you are not interested in working online you'd enjoy his blog simply because of the fun part he adds to it.

I've spent hours looking at his archive and i lol'd at all his evil schemes.
This one is definitely a MUST READ.

Searching Tips To Help You Find Info Faster

All of us have often wasted long hours searching for content when we could have found exactly what we needed fairly easily.
Tip 1
While searching for a group of terms such as science project on environment you'll get much better results if you type it as "science project on environment".This is specially helpful if you are looking for a phrase in a can remove the quotes if you want more results ofcourse.
Tip 2
It will be better if you use parts of sentences in some places instead of asking questions to the search engine because the search engine is not human and looks for text in the documents.
Eg- "a blog is a" will yield better results than 'what is a blog?'
Tip 3
If you are searching fro info on a non acamdemic topic such as video games or iPhone (thats what you search for these days, dont you? then its a good idea to try google blog search it provides more recents content because blogs are updated more frequently than websites.
Tip 4
There are hoards of search engines out there and i have spent 2 hours searching different things on Google,Yahoo,Windows Live,Alta Vista and Rediff search and Google is by far the best.But if you are worried about Gogle's privacy policy,then use Yahoo Search which is the next best.All others are so-so you can make do with them.However whatever you do dont try Windows Live Search because it is indeed a horrror.
Tip 5
Its a god idea to search for a topic on Wikipedia before you relentlessly start searching for it.
Tip 6>
If you want to be kind to me use Jhakaas Search because that will help me in many ways will produce the same search results as google with a different color that will provide a change for the eyes used to seeing the blue-and-white google search results.

Use Social Networking Sites With Caution

Social Networking Sites are sites are those sites which help you to meet people online and increase your friend circle.They also help you to stay in touch.
Orkut,Facebook,Hi5 etc etc are examples of such sites.

These sites are the in thing these days and are more in use than chatting.However an increasing number of traffic on these sites have made them a hangout for cyber crime.Especially orkut and Hi5 which have largest member communities have been immersed in controversies.These places are also the database for spammers who are always on a lookout for email ID's.Here are some of the precautionary steps you may take:
>Keep your email ID in the "hidden" mode.
>Never give out your real info address phone number etc. on your profile.
>Dont use your own picture on the profile it may be morphed.Use some object or if you wanna be different use your Yahoo Avtaar.
>Never give out your credit card number or password even to your trusted friends there is a good chance of their ID getting hacked.

If you take these measures you can enjoy Social Networking sites without worrying about security.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Confused About Email Services?

There are many free email services that will offer a free account. Many of them have different features that will suit different needs.

Windows Live Hotmail-
This is good for those who have been using Outlook before. They offer 2GB of storage for the free account which is enough to store many mails. This email service is only good for creating an account for official use.
Another product from Google this is perfect for first time users .They have a clean user interface and the storage which is 2.5GB now is ever increasing i.e it keeps increasing. Another plus point with this is they allow you to send 20MB of attachments that is double that of any other email provider. Though such large attachments can only be sent from gmail to gmail.
Yahoo Mail-
Yahoo mail is a trusted webmail service that has the most number of users in the world. They have just introduced unlimited storage for their free accounts. Highly recommended for those who want to have fun with their email .You can store unlimited songs, videos and pictures on their servers. Though this service has one downside-with so many users its highly unlikely that you’ll get a username of your choice.

These are the leaders in the free webmail business there are many more that have good interfaces and other features. These include:
AOL Mail: Clean Interface and 10GB storage.(I recommend using the new portal.)
Zapak Mail: Easier to use than any other email service.

Jhakaas Mail: Not many features but a fancy name and guarantee of getting any name that you want. Just an email ID to have fun.

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