Sunday, November 11, 2007

Microsofts Finally Lets You Make Id's

Ya thats the news currently taking rounds in the blogosphere...Microsoft is finally allowing you to make id's on Windows Live Mail er... Windows Live Hotmail.
As a result of which the server is down on the first day itself! But it would be a good idea to get yourself a ID now so that you can get your desired username...

Another interesting feature is the ability to switch between different accounts just using your primary ID. That will definitely help in saving time...

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Google Phone Suspense Finally Ends : Hello Android!

The news that technology sites have been living on for the fast few weeks is finally out now- Google officialy announced Gooogle Android platform which will be a free OS for smartphones in the future. The OS is expected to come to handsets by 2008. Google seems to be taking on Microsoft again by offering for free to manufacturers a mobile OS for which Windows Mobile charges them. But this time its also taking on Apple, Nokia etc all those who make Mobile OS. The price of a phone using Android is expected to be more affordablr compared to others because the manufacturer won't have to pay for the Os.

The OS will be Linux based and is not Googles alone according to the announcement 33 companies have collaborated to build Android. Companies such as Nokia, Apple and Microsoft have already dismissed dangers from an Android but knowing Google this is certainly not the end!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Give Your Friends Shock Of There Lives

Ever suspected that a friend on Yahoo is online but is in the "Invisible Mode"? Now you can check that with and give your friend a shock! You just have to type the Id of the person and Xeeber will confirm if he is on the computer or not!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Google's Homepages: A Study

Thought that Google's same old boring homepage doesn't change at all?? Lets have a look at different Google homepages.....

1.)The Ususal Lot:
They just have the standard features, and contain the list of we are hiring etc etc..
The countries in this list are:Google Australia and Google UK

2.)The standard Google Homepage/Google Usa Homepage:
The same as the ususal ones but does not have the "search for pages from" option. But in its own class because it is the "Official" Google homepage for the world.

3.)The language Barrier Ending Homepages:Google South Africa, Google Canada,Google India,Google Malaysia,Google Pakistan
These are for multi-lingual countries where Language is a bar for free flow of information.

I have screenshots of homepages of all the above countries but i am really sorry i dont have patience to upload them ;-0
4.) The Unique One : Google China
I am sure you must have guessed that! It has a rather iteresting navigation system at the different coloured balls...

So here was a study i know there must be over a hundred more homepages but all will fall in one of the above categories....

Microsoft A History

The following video shows a development in microsoft OS back from the days of their first OS.
The videos shows start-up screen and sounds of the Windows Operating system generation by generation. Also this is the first video in a series of the videos coming your way.....
{Note: I found an updated version that also has Shut Down Sounds...!}