Monday, September 24, 2007

Windows Live Writer Review

I have started using Windows Live Writer to post my blog posts and truly speaking I am lovin it!

I knew I'd like this because of the picture below the start was awesome..


I love the transparent blue thing that appears at the startup.This is my first post with the thing and it has corrected all the spelling errors. Inserting pictures,videos and tables is a breeze with this and  I am planning to continue using it. The best part is that it directly publishes the post at the click of a  button and you don't have to worry about anything but the content ;-).

Very good for those who don't know HTML but want a bit of formatting in their posts it is breeze with this software.The layout and navigation is very clean and uncluttered anyone can use it.

And best of all-The software is absolutely free! So anyone blogging should definitely try this...

I'll write more about its compatibility with Blogger ( i hope it works!) and will check out a few plugins to before I write some more about it. I shall continue to give tips and tricks about it as a get more and more experienced...

Here is another screenshot of the actual working area..


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I Gone Dual Screen!!!

Well I am back after yet another hiatus and given my year, it was for the exams again they are basically going on right now but I have taken a break today to experiment and have achieved something that had captured my imagination for quite a long period of time- Ya! I have gone dual screen!!
So putting emmm….around 15 topics that I will blog about on hold I am going to tell you it feels to have a dual screen. The idea wasn’t original of course….I saw it on a lot of blogs and people were gung ho about having dual screens, and this thing really captured my imaginations. So after hunting down and rejecting some old spare and monster sized monitors, I stole one from the family desktop for the time being (the hidden transportation was an awesome adventure…!)…Well the experience is truly amazing….I have made the monitor screen my main screen for it is a sony and much more vibrant than that of the HP laptop.
Its really easy if you have vista/xp and a fairly new computer that come built in with plug ins to support extra monitors…You will find some pix of the new config. Below….
By the way I have changed the theme of the blog and its going to focus mainly on reviews now…The new logo sucks and working to change it right now…