Monday, February 4, 2008

An Awesome Trick If It Goes Well With Your Conscience!

I found a code that you can use to e-mail anybody using ANY email Id.(Sorry For The Banner Ad couldn't help it!). You can do truely wicked things with this but please listen to what your conscience says before trying this!

Well How Was That???

Which Page Should Be Your Home Page

These days Internet is a regular part of our lives and the component of the computer that connects us to the internet is our Web Browser. So what should be kept as a homepage for our web browser?

After lot of thinking and trial and error i have reached my conclution.

Should it be a personalized homepage (iGoogle or Yahoo)-No

Should It be a web portal- (MSN,Yahoo,AOL)-No

Should it be a search engine-(Google,Live)-No

The Best option for your homepage is Blank:

That's right- blank and that is because:

It saves time as a page does not have to be loaded when you start your web browser. You dont have to see the same page when you start your browser for the nth time during one session.

If you really are a time freak a better option would be to create a favourites group containing all the Login Pages Of websites you regularly visit and then using the "Open In Tab Group" option on the right click menu.

Microsoft-Yahoo : Our Take

This is the hottest news in the WWW these days- Microsofts offer for Yahoo. We are no businessmen and don't care about the deal or anything but one thing is for sure that if this deal takes place its gonna be awesome.
Together they have the potential to take on Google and i'd prefer them even if they are a notch lower than Google because i prefer my privacy to anything else. But the current Live search is to pathetic to use maybe Microsoft+Yahoo may be a better search.
Also it would mean serious competition for Google which hasn't seen any in last 5yrs.
It would also mean the revival of services that suffered just because Google didn't like them (Payperpost,Reviewme).
Also it would combine the two best messengers in the world and who khnows they might create an email service better than Gmail!
I would also like this merger because nobody wants Google to become the Microsoft of internet!