Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Blog Update

1)How did you like the new theme??
I just installed it a few days ago but couldn't do much due to lack of time.I am planning to buy the domain for this blog pretty soon but made the necessary changes sooner than later.

2)The new rating system is for those who feel too lazy to comment a review and how-to of the service is coming pretty soon.

3) I have fixed a posting schedule : from now until March 2008 i will post only on Sundays because i am having some very important exams in March so the post scarcity will continue for sometime but the post quality will never decrease...thats a promise.

4)I seriously considered going over to Wordpress after taking the new domain name but i stopped because i just like Blogger so much that i can stand the pathetic commecnting system and the lack of abilty to create multiple pages for the blog.

Page Rank 2!

Yes its true! Google has updated PR and the current Page Rank of this blog is 2. Although it is not a very high score but its an improvement from the big o we had earlier. I am very excited about gaining a Page Rank in just 4 months but there are many who have done better.
The main reason this blog has not showed uniform growth is that i am not been able to stick to a regular posting schedule. Now i have decide only to post on Sundays and post good quality posts rather than just creating a bulk of posts.
I just going to write a blog update for the next post then we can settle down with some uniform posting schedules.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Free Domain Name:

For all the small blogs out there....this is  you chance to get a free domain name without spending a penny! Yes offers free domain names to blogs and websites hosted on different servers. And they don't make you put advertisements on your website. The only catch is that they make put a small (tiny) banner on your site's homepage that tells everyone that you are using a free domain name.

Before you start using the service here are some facts about it....

1.)You will not be allowed to register domains which already belong to a high profile web company.So forget or

2.) They won't be hosting your website that means that if you're site is you can have which will look much more professional and better while it will allow you to control your settings using

3.)You can use features such as URL cloaking - Suppose you register for your blog then the browser would still display when someone visits your site using that name.

4.)You cant fool them- the link visible on the first page is highly essential- trust me and don't try cheating them because I have tried to work around having to put the banner in al possible ways but they won't budge with their policies....

That's All Folks!

PS-This blog is of course using the system... check out

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Get More From Wikipedia Using Discussions....

The World is using wikipedia these days and I am no exception. I have at times found myself hooked to it searching for one topic after another and 99% of the times finding relevant articles. I even found articles about some less popular TV shows that were about a decade old!

I have been using the Wikipedia data for all sorts of projects etc. But the fear that the article had been edited  to suit some ones choice always haunted me... Not now! Ever since I discovered the power of the discussions tab!

The discussion tab is a place where people can file their views on the article about something they agree over or not...Its basically like a comment's section of the blog. So that I can check what other people feel about a certain thing. If most of the comments are negative even though the post finds a thing positive I can skip or edit that article out or prevent myself from gaining wrong info. But beware! This can get addictive as I found out! These days I check out the discussions tab before the actual article itself!

Here is an How To:



Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Why Use The Expensive Business Suites ???

Are you looking to buy the MS Office 2007? Do you plan to use only a handful of the software in the suite?? Are you running a small business? Do you use these suites only to manage your accounts and not for the presentations or sending data to clients?

If the answer is "yes" to most of the questions above you should not pay for all these softwares......Hang On! I am not here to promote piracy. I am saying if you just want to share some personal data among employees why don't you use the tons of free services such as Google Docs,Zoho etc,etc....?

These softwares will ad up to nil costing and most of them support the standard extensions so you don't need to worry about sending data to your clients...For starters you can use them side along with MS-Office and get used to them so that you don't have to set aside 100's of dollars for Office 2008 or something...:-)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Time Travel Made Possible!

Yes! I haven't gone mad! Now you can view how a website looked like 2 years ago or 2 Months ago or 2 days with just a click of the button.

This has been made possible by using there service called- "The Way Back Machine". It just as simple as googling for a website and a tool that can be very useful for webmasters.Just for fun you can check out the previous layouts of Yahoo AOL or MSN as far back as the 90's. It would be interesting to see how long can these people hold the data.

The only complain I have with this service is that there cache is limited to a very few sites which were very popular. Also some great sites which also had the traffic but were hosted on a free sub-domain have been excluded.

Below I am putting a  step by step graphical guide to using the service..








This was my first guide sort of thing and I feel there is still a room for lot of improvement please contact me if anyone has any queries....