Sunday, November 11, 2007

Microsofts Finally Lets You Make Id's

Ya thats the news currently taking rounds in the blogosphere...Microsoft is finally allowing you to make id's on Windows Live Mail er... Windows Live Hotmail.
As a result of which the server is down on the first day itself! But it would be a good idea to get yourself a ID now so that you can get your desired username...

Another interesting feature is the ability to switch between different accounts just using your primary ID. That will definitely help in saving time...

[Image Courtesy : ]

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Google Phone Suspense Finally Ends : Hello Android!

The news that technology sites have been living on for the fast few weeks is finally out now- Google officialy announced Gooogle Android platform which will be a free OS for smartphones in the future. The OS is expected to come to handsets by 2008. Google seems to be taking on Microsoft again by offering for free to manufacturers a mobile OS for which Windows Mobile charges them. But this time its also taking on Apple, Nokia etc all those who make Mobile OS. The price of a phone using Android is expected to be more affordablr compared to others because the manufacturer won't have to pay for the Os.

The OS will be Linux based and is not Googles alone according to the announcement 33 companies have collaborated to build Android. Companies such as Nokia, Apple and Microsoft have already dismissed dangers from an Android but knowing Google this is certainly not the end!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Give Your Friends Shock Of There Lives

Ever suspected that a friend on Yahoo is online but is in the "Invisible Mode"? Now you can check that with and give your friend a shock! You just have to type the Id of the person and Xeeber will confirm if he is on the computer or not!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Google's Homepages: A Study

Thought that Google's same old boring homepage doesn't change at all?? Lets have a look at different Google homepages.....

1.)The Ususal Lot:
They just have the standard features, and contain the list of we are hiring etc etc..
The countries in this list are:Google Australia and Google UK

2.)The standard Google Homepage/Google Usa Homepage:
The same as the ususal ones but does not have the "search for pages from" option. But in its own class because it is the "Official" Google homepage for the world.

3.)The language Barrier Ending Homepages:Google South Africa, Google Canada,Google India,Google Malaysia,Google Pakistan
These are for multi-lingual countries where Language is a bar for free flow of information.

I have screenshots of homepages of all the above countries but i am really sorry i dont have patience to upload them ;-0
4.) The Unique One : Google China
I am sure you must have guessed that! It has a rather iteresting navigation system at the different coloured balls...

So here was a study i know there must be over a hundred more homepages but all will fall in one of the above categories....

Microsoft A History

The following video shows a development in microsoft OS back from the days of their first OS.
The videos shows start-up screen and sounds of the Windows Operating system generation by generation. Also this is the first video in a series of the videos coming your way.....
{Note: I found an updated version that also has Shut Down Sounds...!}

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Blog Update

1)How did you like the new theme??
I just installed it a few days ago but couldn't do much due to lack of time.I am planning to buy the domain for this blog pretty soon but made the necessary changes sooner than later.

2)The new rating system is for those who feel too lazy to comment a review and how-to of the service is coming pretty soon.

3) I have fixed a posting schedule : from now until March 2008 i will post only on Sundays because i am having some very important exams in March so the post scarcity will continue for sometime but the post quality will never decrease...thats a promise.

4)I seriously considered going over to Wordpress after taking the new domain name but i stopped because i just like Blogger so much that i can stand the pathetic commecnting system and the lack of abilty to create multiple pages for the blog.

Page Rank 2!

Yes its true! Google has updated PR and the current Page Rank of this blog is 2. Although it is not a very high score but its an improvement from the big o we had earlier. I am very excited about gaining a Page Rank in just 4 months but there are many who have done better.
The main reason this blog has not showed uniform growth is that i am not been able to stick to a regular posting schedule. Now i have decide only to post on Sundays and post good quality posts rather than just creating a bulk of posts.
I just going to write a blog update for the next post then we can settle down with some uniform posting schedules.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Free Domain Name:

For all the small blogs out there....this is  you chance to get a free domain name without spending a penny! Yes offers free domain names to blogs and websites hosted on different servers. And they don't make you put advertisements on your website. The only catch is that they make put a small (tiny) banner on your site's homepage that tells everyone that you are using a free domain name.

Before you start using the service here are some facts about it....

1.)You will not be allowed to register domains which already belong to a high profile web company.So forget or

2.) They won't be hosting your website that means that if you're site is you can have which will look much more professional and better while it will allow you to control your settings using

3.)You can use features such as URL cloaking - Suppose you register for your blog then the browser would still display when someone visits your site using that name.

4.)You cant fool them- the link visible on the first page is highly essential- trust me and don't try cheating them because I have tried to work around having to put the banner in al possible ways but they won't budge with their policies....

That's All Folks!

PS-This blog is of course using the system... check out

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Get More From Wikipedia Using Discussions....

The World is using wikipedia these days and I am no exception. I have at times found myself hooked to it searching for one topic after another and 99% of the times finding relevant articles. I even found articles about some less popular TV shows that were about a decade old!

I have been using the Wikipedia data for all sorts of projects etc. But the fear that the article had been edited  to suit some ones choice always haunted me... Not now! Ever since I discovered the power of the discussions tab!

The discussion tab is a place where people can file their views on the article about something they agree over or not...Its basically like a comment's section of the blog. So that I can check what other people feel about a certain thing. If most of the comments are negative even though the post finds a thing positive I can skip or edit that article out or prevent myself from gaining wrong info. But beware! This can get addictive as I found out! These days I check out the discussions tab before the actual article itself!

Here is an How To:



Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Why Use The Expensive Business Suites ???

Are you looking to buy the MS Office 2007? Do you plan to use only a handful of the software in the suite?? Are you running a small business? Do you use these suites only to manage your accounts and not for the presentations or sending data to clients?

If the answer is "yes" to most of the questions above you should not pay for all these softwares......Hang On! I am not here to promote piracy. I am saying if you just want to share some personal data among employees why don't you use the tons of free services such as Google Docs,Zoho etc,etc....?

These softwares will ad up to nil costing and most of them support the standard extensions so you don't need to worry about sending data to your clients...For starters you can use them side along with MS-Office and get used to them so that you don't have to set aside 100's of dollars for Office 2008 or something...:-)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Time Travel Made Possible!

Yes! I haven't gone mad! Now you can view how a website looked like 2 years ago or 2 Months ago or 2 days with just a click of the button.

This has been made possible by using there service called- "The Way Back Machine". It just as simple as googling for a website and a tool that can be very useful for webmasters.Just for fun you can check out the previous layouts of Yahoo AOL or MSN as far back as the 90's. It would be interesting to see how long can these people hold the data.

The only complain I have with this service is that there cache is limited to a very few sites which were very popular. Also some great sites which also had the traffic but were hosted on a free sub-domain have been excluded.

Below I am putting a  step by step graphical guide to using the service..








This was my first guide sort of thing and I feel there is still a room for lot of improvement please contact me if anyone has any queries....

Monday, September 24, 2007

Windows Live Writer Review

I have started using Windows Live Writer to post my blog posts and truly speaking I am lovin it!

I knew I'd like this because of the picture below the start was awesome..


I love the transparent blue thing that appears at the startup.This is my first post with the thing and it has corrected all the spelling errors. Inserting pictures,videos and tables is a breeze with this and  I am planning to continue using it. The best part is that it directly publishes the post at the click of a  button and you don't have to worry about anything but the content ;-).

Very good for those who don't know HTML but want a bit of formatting in their posts it is breeze with this software.The layout and navigation is very clean and uncluttered anyone can use it.

And best of all-The software is absolutely free! So anyone blogging should definitely try this...

I'll write more about its compatibility with Blogger ( i hope it works!) and will check out a few plugins to before I write some more about it. I shall continue to give tips and tricks about it as a get more and more experienced...

Here is another screenshot of the actual working area..


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I Gone Dual Screen!!!

Well I am back after yet another hiatus and given my year, it was for the exams again they are basically going on right now but I have taken a break today to experiment and have achieved something that had captured my imagination for quite a long period of time- Ya! I have gone dual screen!!
So putting emmm….around 15 topics that I will blog about on hold I am going to tell you it feels to have a dual screen. The idea wasn’t original of course….I saw it on a lot of blogs and people were gung ho about having dual screens, and this thing really captured my imaginations. So after hunting down and rejecting some old spare and monster sized monitors, I stole one from the family desktop for the time being (the hidden transportation was an awesome adventure…!)…Well the experience is truly amazing….I have made the monitor screen my main screen for it is a sony and much more vibrant than that of the HP laptop.
Its really easy if you have vista/xp and a fairly new computer that come built in with plug ins to support extra monitors…You will find some pix of the new config. Below….
By the way I have changed the theme of the blog and its going to focus mainly on reviews now…The new logo sucks and working to change it right now…

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Morph Pictures And Have Fun is a free online service that lets you mix two faces....and see the fun...
You can upload your own pictures or create faces from celebity images. Its extremely easy and the fun part is the suggested names...for example here is a mix of...Harry Potter and George Clooney and the suggested names include:
1st Name 2nd Name
Harry | Potter
George | Clooney
Harge | Pottey
Harrge | Clotter
Georry | Clootter
Geory | Clooner
Time to treate your eyes on the mix....
Harry Potter and George Clooney Morphed Together -

Monday, August 27, 2007

India Times Mail.....

Indiatimes is a famous domain in India and has a vast number of users....It is one of India oldest portals and competes with rediff and Sify.

Recently Indiatimes released there new email service amid much hype and fanfare.They even telecast expensive television ads.....
So out of curiosity, i just created an account to check out the much hyped easy to use interface.

What i expected was a mediore service that was an inch above the rest but with more cons than pros....however what i did not expect was a useless needless clutter which
did not solve any of the purpose and looked like an advertised piece of crap.

My immidiet suggestion-whatever you do dont sign up for indiatimes mai....its not worth it.....

Gmail remains our favourite free email service for now..

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Which Browser TO Use??

Which browser are you using?? Most of you will be either using Internet Explorer which ships with Windows or Firefox which has rapidly spread over the Internet, Mac users will be loyal to the Safari… So which software Browser should one use??
Here I’ll review a few browsers that I have used and some of which I have heard about.

Firefox: Its an extremely innovative product that woke up the Internet Explorer Team and it can also be called the Foundation Stone of IE7 because Microsoft started its development only after Firefox rapidly started capturing market share.
Other featured include Themes that have been created by its large community.

IE6: IE7 has not really spread out so I thought I’d review this piece of crap too.(Those who are using this might not agree but even I didn’t till I hadn’t laid my hands on IE7 and Firefox.) But if you are using this a switch to Firefox or IE7 is highly recommended as it takes up too much of the space that is otherwise allotted to the webpage and is a very untidy package.

IE7: I abandoned the impressive Firefox the minute I set my hand on IE7 and it has lain useless on my PC since then. I love the neat interface and more space for webpage. I also liked the inbuilt search and tabbed browsing though I had gotten used to them after using Firefox.

Netscape Navigator: Yeah! It still exists… though I hate it. It can be called a slow started theme which works with both IE and Firefox yeah it doesn’t work separately but uses the engine of IE or Firefox…And is really slow.

Opera: It has also got its fair share of features though I haven’t used it research shows it highly featurisitic….And has innovations of which even Firefox is shy of…..

Safari: When Apple released the latest edition of Safari and made it available for Windows there was a stampede in the Blogosphere. It was discovered that the software in the Windows edition was full of bugs. On the upper side though many bloggers felt that it was surprisingly easy to use for a Windows user. I think I will download it after the next edition is born although a patch for the bug fixes have been released…

Use Google Instead Of Yahoo And Catch An Extra Movie Every Month…

Above are the screenshots of Google’s and Yahoo’s homepages (Who didn’t know that?)
A look at them is enough to tell you that Google’s page will load faster because of the lack of media and advanced coding that Yahoo uses…. However I timed them and found the results a bit shocking. I think Yahoo deserve a pat because the rapid speed at which there homepage loads in spite of the large number of media it has is impressive……
Google- 01.92 secs..
Yahoo- -5.03 secs..
Difference-3.11 secs
Now let us suppose that you do 100 searches per day…..that sums up to 311 secs per day opening these pages which roughly equals 5mins that means in 30 working days you can save upto 2.5 hours enough time to catch up a movie……
That means you can catch a movie more every month if you use Google instead of Yahoo….
But I think you can save even more time if you download the Google toolbar if you are using IE6 or below or Firefox1.0, But I would recommend IE7 and Firefox2.0 because these
have built in search capabilities and you can save loads of time if you use them…
Saving time on searching can be especially useful for bloggers who spend a lot of time on researching the topics they blog about…

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Truveo is a service that will search for videos on any topic from all the hoardes pf websites that are in the video business this includes Youtube,, Google Videos and evn some news websites.

The best thing is that they have a lot of refineing optins to narrow the base of your search and get you the best results.

Refineing in some form is available on all search engines and was an option started By Google and is best implemented on their sites.I specially love the options to refine the search in Google Image Search.

So if you are a ideo freak head to

Adding My iPod to My Site

I am adding an iPod on this blog so you peple can see what i am listening too and because it looks cool....
It'll play automatically so anyone visiting this page will have to hear it and click the pause button and wonder how i did it.....
You'll find it on the bottom of the navbar on the right of the page.

However you dont have too because this was extremely easy and fun and a very few people on the internet know about this so it'll be fun to use it on you Orkut or other profiles......

Just head over to and register to create one for yourself and see how you can impress all your friends....

A Not So Useful Tip

Another day another tip from Digital Inspiration worth mentioning.....
Using this very very very simple trick you can stop all the animations from GIF images to stop.......

GIF images are those type of images that are used to produce some sort of animations by rolling some no. of images one after the other.

Coming to the trick..... you can stop the animation from the images in a webpage by pressing ESC. Yes its that easy! shameful i didn't know of it earlier.
To restore animations you'll have to refresh the page.

Head To DI to try it out.......

Monday, August 13, 2007

Some Games From My Collection...

Below is a place where you will find a collection of all myfavourite free online games to try and enjoy.......
They are Placed on a page on my website please feel free to browse around....

What To Download From Google Pack?

For those who dont know Google Pack is collection of free software from Google that will help you with your day to day computer work and make you life easier....But as with everything this has its cons too.... And not the whole pack is worth downloading....So Lets Check out what is worth Downloading:

1.)Google Earth:
Everyone knows what google eatrh is and everyone knows its worth a download...
For those who dont then instead of wasting your time just download it and enjoy...

2.)Norton Security Scan:
Use this only if you lack a security software on your PC which most of the people dont. And if you do i think you should spend some money and buy one immidietly rather than wasting time with this....

3.)Google Desktop:
I wont recommend anyone to download this unless thay have tons of files stored on their computer because it will slow down your computer a lot and will do no more than getting you frustated.It just indexes your whole Oc from time to tome and lets you do desktop searches.....

Highly recommended if you use IE6 but you can or cannont use it if you have IE7....If you are stuck with IE6 then you HAVE to doenload this but if you have IE7n then that is better but you may want this because there is no harm in keeping this one just in case its useful when IE doesn;y open some page.....

5.)Adobe Reader: You'll probably have this in your PC but if not its must for your PDF documents.....

6.)Skype: I dont like it much but i'll have to admit its THE thing for PC to Pc calls....though not orth bothering if you don have a headset....

7.)Google Tool Bar for IE:I dont think you should keep thi toolbar or any one for that matter because its just a waste of screen space more than anything...

8.)Spyware Doctor: See Norton Security Scan..

9.)Picasa: No if you dont have atleast 500-1000 pix on your PC otherwise using this will be completely mundane. But if you have that number of pix this will seem like an angel.....

10.)Google Photos Screensaver: Interesting Change but not useful.....

11.)You'll be foolish to download this beacuse a web browser version is available at many places including my website-

12.)Star Office: Basically a replacement for Ms Office that is free and free here has its lack of features but useful if you dont want to splurge.....

Starting To Blog....Which Platform???

So you are one of the thousandswho are planning to step into the world of blogging?
And are stuck at the same question that thousands are confused about everyday.....WHICH PLATFORM???
Lets explore the possibilities and options.....
When you are thinking about a blogging platform you must be thinking about the paid ones and the free ones....The first thing that will come to your mind is that nothing free can be comparable to something that you will pay for....But in the blogging world it is exactly the opposite free options like blogger and wordpress are much better at the moment than paid one like typepad.
So the free ones eh!......The two big things at the moment are Blogger and Wordpress...Which one sould you use???? Although Wordpress is much more advanced and has many features that are unknown to blogger i would still recommecd blogger to the first timers because its simply very easy to use compared to worpress and trust me it will save you a lot of headache as you start to blog...

You can of course later shift to wordpress when you think you require the lot of advanced features......

Some Useful Posts From Digital Inspiration

Digital Inspiration is a highly sucessful technology blog from Amit Aggarwal.I have been a regular reader and some of his tips have been really helpful. Its the only sucessful website i have ever seen that does not have its domain name.....
(Hopefully mine will be the second one...!!). I would highly recommecnd this blog to those who are interested in learnin a few complicated things over the intenet that are sure to impress everybody.Here are some very recent posts i have found very useful:
1.) Acess blocked Websites When IP adresses And The Domains are Blocked
In this post he displays a way you can access websites that have been blocked at your workplace by using the humble.......(wait for it!!!)....CALCULATOR....Believe it or not it really works.....

2.)Laptop Theft Alarm System
Here he discusses a software that you can activate if you eave your laptop lying around at a confrence or your workplace and i will sound an alrm sing the inbuilt laptop speakers if someone tries to steal it......

3.) Sync Your Home Computer And Work Place Music Files.....
Here he discusses how you can access music stored on your desktop at home from your workplace provided you are ready to leave it on and connected to internet the whole day.....

Thats all for now,check out for more interesting posts....

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fancy Searching With Goglogo

Ever fancied you very own search engine??? Now You Can Get one right with your name on top of it that too Google Style........
All you need to do is type your name and you'll have a complete Google style search engine ready to impress your friends.....
Cons include slow searches and lots of ads but still it will be your very own...
Here is screenshot of mine:

Beware: Greed For Hacking Can Get Your Own ID HACked...

Yes! that's true......lets say you want to get a password from someone...but dont know how to get that of course......What do you do?? Google it! but then here is the catch, most of the links will lead you to forums where such questions have been asked and the most common answer you'll get is:

"Hi all,
i xyz have found a way to hack into a account here is how it works.....
send the following mail to (or some strange name),
Your yahoo id-
Your password-
id of the pass you want-
send it exactly in the same format and the server will get confused and send you the passowrd of the other person.....the id is of their mail server....
quite easy na..!"

Your id,your password...MY FOOT.....its an easy catch.......get a stupid dumb ID with a strange name on yahoo...and you also send your password and get your own ID hacked!......

Only the stupidest are fooled in this way......

But beware of sites such as a great trick in my have to click on their ads to start the process....then give your ID (no password) and teh persons id and the reason you want to hack then thay send an email to the person that you want to hack their id and a laugh out email to you......VERY FUNNY....

SO beware of such petty tricks and keep in mind that some of the best computer minds are working for the security of these email systems you cant just walk around hacking them..........

Friday, August 10, 2007

Good To Be Back

The Hell Examination period is over and its time to be back to regular blogging.
I seem to have missed a lot of gadgets and tech news due to my mistimed examinations...The iPhone ofcourse being the top one....
Dont worry i'll catch up soon enough.....

I'll keep you posted......

Friday, July 27, 2007

Windows Live Hotmail......Server Down.......!!

I logged on today on Hotmail to find this error message:

I really think that Microsoft is already losing enough customers as it is for them to give us these type of problems.
I think the new Windows Live Hotmail is wonderful and Microsoft should get over all these problems...

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Safari Out For Windows But....

Yes,Yes,Yes.........This is an age old news but better late than never.The highly acclaimed Mac-Browser is now available for the Windows platform and as anticipated Windows users will find it much easier to learn and use because it is an Apple product.
But wait before you rush of to download it......its currently full (and i mean it..)of bugs and will hamper your usage time.
I reccommend waiting for the second version as i am not even satisfied with the patch they released days after the release.Though i am in love with its Private Browsing feature (lets you browse without storing history cookies etc..) i still prefer Firefox and IE7 for now.(Though this is better than IE6.)

Add A Search Box To Your Blogger Blog....

You can now add a google powered Search Engine to your blog without working it out in Google's custom Search Engines....

Just move to template and find the option from page elements...
Helpful if you can make people search for a query on your own site before they leave but will it make a difference in the age of IE7,Firefox and Safari for Windows???

But it would give the blog a professional look specially if its hosted on one of the free platforms such as this......

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Vomit Of Posts

Now That finally connection is working i found the time to vomit the posts that had accumilated over the past few days.

So sit back and enjoy a preview of what shuld have been blogged a week ago..... Blipping Ahead Of YouTube..

What with the youtube hype and all other video sites never get noticed.This site has a heck lot more and better features.Though the content is not that good because of its tiny user base.This has to be the choice if you plan to upload a video on internet.
Do Have a look:

World's Most Popular Blog...

The following link is to the worlds most popular blog perez hilton.It gets a whopping 3million unique views a day and covers nearly a dozen stories in a day.It costs $9000 to place an ad for a week. And it is run by just one person! It covers celebrity gossip stories and sources pictures from the web.I didn't enjoy it much (how can a 15 yr old boy enjoy gossip?).Though a must see for the records sake thing.(i liked the authors photoediting skills though!)

Can Google Hear Him?

Can Google Hear Him ? That's has been the most popular question on the internet community over the last few days.Well it began a few months ago...when Aaron had this wonderful idea he thought might be of interest to Google but he had this question on his mind..Will he be able to get google hear him out? So he had another idea and started CanGoogleHearMe hoping that someone from inside Google will have a glimpse of the site. It Worked! But pleez goo through it yourself its an awesome story. I discovered the site when Aaron was on chapter one..Now he is on the 2nd one (courtisey Google). Though i have never written a best of luck email to Aaron ( i felt guilty when i thought i will be writing just to get into the pages of his "book"). Anyways if he ever comes across this...BEST OF LUCK AARON AND THANK YOU FOR INSPIRING ME.

Spoil The Walls To Your Hearts Content..

Ever felt like painting on walls? But were stopped by Mom,Common sense or lack of tools?
Now you can paint on Wet Paint Pleez Touch until the paint runs out.Then youll have to finish it or leave it for someone else. I just tried it and it was an amazing experience.
Paintbrush is crap compared to this although ink is limited here.

Three Dimensional (or wheeler) Advertising...

Sites such as have found a unique way of advertising..
On Autos! recently i have noticed many three wheelers bearing site names and gaining a good view of traffic.
An easy and cheap medium of advertisement for small websites.

Yahoo Web Messenger

Google introduced an online version of Google Talk in March. Google, so Yahoo also integrated the IM into Yahoo Mail and now offer an online version of Yahoo Messenger . Ofcourse Yahoo is trying to win back some of its long lost users.

A $100 Laptop!

Dont get to excited its just for the small kiddies... but the technology will definitely make inroads for the future...(If thats any hint!)

There is an organization called One Laptop Per Child that is trying to make a laptop available for each child in the world for starters its concentrating on developing countries. They are trying to build a laptop that costs $100. They have built there first prototype with exciting features though it costs $125. It will be shipped in countries such as Brazil in 2007-2008.
Visit there homepage at -

The 7 Habits Of Highly Successfull Bloggers

I found John Chow's blog just after starting this blog and i ahve since been rampaging through his articles....They are a must read for all bloggers and car lovers. He is an inspiration of sorts for all the newbie bloggers including me. Seems he has also beenm inspired by Sean Covey or Stephen Covey because after 7 Habits of highly successfull :
We have 7 Habits if highly successful Bloggers! ( I have finnaly learnt the spelling of " successful")More info can be found on this page .Find him on the "favourites" list. All the blogs there are worth reading.Here are the Habits:
1 - They Blog On A Consistent Basis
2 - They Are Passionate About Their Topic
3 - They Interact With Their Readers
4 - They Give Out Lots Of Link Love
5 - They Know How To Brand Themselves
6 - They Are Good Writers
7 - They Read John Chow dot Com (and this blog too!)
* My blog recorded its highest per day Visitors yesterday and included visits from 10 different countries. This is a tiny blog now and the stats gave me a boost and compelled me to post ahead of my email checking routine after school. Thoough what disappoints me to the core is that there hasn't been a single comment in one month of blogging. Slow progress after all!

Old News But Uncovered Here

Microsoft did everything a monopoly holder "Mint" company could do to gain complete dominance of the Email market. The hotmail they bought was a hit in its early days especially in India. But rivals like Google and Yahoo! kept inroducing more features in their services but Microsoft lagged behind. Now they have finally come up with a new version that will if anything drive their loyal users away. They senselessly made everything more complicated in an "Outlookish" sort of way. Though the one thing i hate about it is you have to wait forever to reach your inbox it too me 45 seconds after logging in while with other services it takes a maximum of 10-15 seconds.
They even had to change the name from Windows Live mail to Windows live Hotmail to reassure the users.
This brings 5 major e-mail players in India-
Rediffmail- Not cool but manageble,delete accounts really fast but have "Unlimited storage".
AOL Mail-Relatively new,very low subccriber base,have a modern interface.
Yahoomail-Didn't like their new BETA much it was sloew and irritating nevertheless huge base and otherwise good service.
Hotmail- Worst of the big 5. Full review above.
Gmail- Simply the best. Everyone knows why.
However dont forget the humble JhakaasMail! run by me.
And anyone who wants to create an Email service my contact me. Its free and easy.

Google Anaylitics Update

Today i signed into Google Accounts to find a surprise.Google Anaylitics has been updated!
Google have comprehensively updated the service and i like it even more now. The language used is simple(r) to understand and the charts provide even more Eye-candy. I liked it.Very Much. Though what surprised me was that there was no talk of this update before. No rumour nothing. It wasn't even in the Gooogle Operating System blog.The update will take the service forward and help newbies get more from the data.

If you run a blog, you should definitely try Google Anaylitics .

BlogEverywhere New Service from Sudheer Bhatia

Sudheer Bhatia who founded Hotmail has now come up with a new service called It allows you to fasten up the process of posting on your blog and checking you Hotmail if you download a toolbar.

The service is still in BETA and fastens your hotmail usage by downloading your messages while the computer is idle.It allows you to easily post comments on any page you visit.

A new service i will be able to tell you more only after i use it for some time.

Web Tv On Joost

Joost is an internet TV services that lets you watch hundreds of programmes on high resolutions and on full screen.You can even flip channels easily. I found their download speed reasonable.
Many of the channels are available only in some countries and the service requires sign up.Not a bad viewing experience at all.

[ I also have a Tv service called Jhakaas! Tv running on my site which is also worth trying.]

Benifits Of Dual Screen

The fact that Windows can support two monitors is not any secret now. Though i have never experienced it , it looks like a good option .Bloggers such as John Chow and Amit Aggarwal are using this feature on their PC's.It expands the desktop and allows you to work comfortably in more than one Window at a time not a bad idea of people who work mostly on computer's.
You can play a video for others on one screen and work on the other not bad is it?

Manage Your All Your E-Mail Acoounts From Gmail

Yes!, its possible thouugh it will take a few minutes to setup.
This will allow you to :
->Forward all your Email from other accounts to your Gmail Account.
->Reply To Specific Account Posts With Specific Addresses.\

To setup:
1.)Log on to Gmail.
2.)Resist Yourself from reading the new mails for the momement (if any!):-)
3.)Click On Settings On Top Right Corner.
4.)Here Click On The Accounts Tab.
5.)Click on Add Another Email Account in "Get Emails From Another Email Account"
6.)Follow the simple instructions.

[Note:This only works with POP3 enabled Email Accounts.]

Now,YouTube Compatible Cameras

Well i won't say that this one was unexpected but it has taken its share of time. Digi-Cam makers (Correction:Maker i.e. Casio) has released a line of cameras (not camcorders) that are YouTube compatible that is, they have a certain You Tube mode that lets you crate movies that are best configured for YouTube and other viedo sharing sites.

The Cameras ship with software to help you directly upload videos to video sharing sites.
So are you a YouTube Producer? Then this one is a must buy.......

Friday, July 6, 2007

Create a free Website

Well you dont know any language to create a webpage? You cant pay for a web domain or web hosting? Are these thinks stopping you frok making a website? Well,these things are a problems of the past.Now you can get a 'compromised filled' website for free and you can also create content without having to write a line of code!

The compromises here are that you will have to bear with are:
1.) You will have a subdomain such as...

2.)You will have forcefully placed ads on your website....

I have tried many of these sevices and freewebs is by far the best till now...
Even i host my website there and for free..

But it is necessary that you remember that a free website is not a replacement for a proffesional webpage because that will make your company look highly unprofessional.
But it can be used for making personal website's etc....

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

iPhone Reviews Flood The Internet

With the iPhone out on June 29th this was the first time i got t surf since then only to find the net flodded with iPhoone reviews.Every other gadget site has got a review and they have done everything from cracking it to peeling it....

The net community was already obssesed with the iPhone even before its launch the iPhone maymhem seems to have no end...
The latest news is that Apple is out of stock....(as if that wasn't expected!)

Well even my blog has been affected by this iPhone and i am dying to get my hands on one but alas, i know that will not happen till late next year because thats when iPhone will be launched in India....

Anyways with the ultra-expensive rates for internet on mobile in india its not going to be that much of a success.

Posting Problems....

Sorry guys but i am having problems with my internet connection ovet the past few days which has stopped me from writing regularly.I know this is a silly excuse but i simply connect to the internet...
And the problem isn't over yet.. so expect so posting rate for a week or two...
But now that the connection is working i am thinking well of posting 3-4 posts i have written.....
Lets hope that luck stays on my side and i get to post the planned posts...

PS-I wrote this post yeterday but alas, the net connection went of again.....

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Pallika People say iPhone will be available in India before 2008

Shopkeepers at the famous Palika Baazar are saying that the iPhone will be unlocked by them and will be available for sale in the grey market. Also you'll be able to insert your own Indian sim card and use the phone.
The phone will be on sale for Rs.30000-35000 so if you cant wait to get your hands on it this will be a good chance...

For those who don't know what Pallika Bazaar is -it is the place where you can get the latest gadgets before there indian launch...

New Adsense Formats????

Everyone in the blogosphere is talking about the new round cornered adsense ad formats....but when i logged in on my account to check that i didn't find them in the ad-formats page.
Anybody any idea what this is all about?I certainly think that thr ads are available in india because even Amit Aggarwal from digital inspiration blogged about them.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Add Credits After Making You Movie On Windows Movie Maker

I am Sure most of us use Windows Movie Maker for prdoucing home movies and its no good telling about how to add effects how to add transitions and how to add music etc etc etc.Because frankly everyone knows how to do that but did you know that you can add credits intros and titles after befire and in the movie the picture will help you do that.Just click and try and learn thats the policy i apply when i come across a new software.

[NOTE: Read The rest of the post after trying all this.]

Did you like what you saw ? You can use these effects while using Windows Movie Maker next time.
For anymore info regarding Movie Maker contact me at

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Subscribe To Feeds Rather Than Visiting Blogs

Have started reading blogs and are reading some them everyday? Well you can save a lot of time if you use feeds indtead of visting the blogs again and again.
If you use IE7 its really very simple-When you visit a blog you'll se that the feed icon (next the home icon on top-right)willl turn orange.Click on it and you'll see the "subscribe to this feed" page click on subscribe and you can view the feed articles in your favourites menu where the same feed icon will turn orange if there is any new article on the blog.

If you dont use IE7 no need to fret you can use many feed readers such as Google Reader to read your feeds.

So stop visiting blogs and start subscribing to feeds.

MS Office Trial Not Available In India...

Microsoft is not offering the 60-day trial of Office 2007 in India. So if i buy a computer from US that has the option to validate the pre-installed 60 day trial i cannot use it.Why have they nnot made it available is a mystery to me are they scared it might be pirated if they give it for triall in india?

Has anyone got any answer to this? How can we try MS Office in India before buying it. I didn't really like their stupid shareware thing which they use to showcase the product in india.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Help The Taj Win...

This post does not really have anything to do with the theme of the blog but had to do this because i am an Indian and proud to be so.
The poll is on to decide the new 7 Wonders of The World and Taj Mahal has been nominated so pleez go ahead and vote for the Taj.
For Voting log on to and make Taj a wonder of the world again.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Get A Ton Of Traffic Courtisy John Chow Dot Com

Mr. John Chow who writes a blog that helps people make money.He has started another of his trademark evil schemes to help you get a portion of his huge daily traffic.Review his blog and he will link back to you.

His Blog is one i'd like to reccommend to all who want to make money online or build a sucessfull blog. I specially learned a lot from his ebook. If you are not interested in working online you'd enjoy his blog simply because of the fun part he adds to it.

I've spent hours looking at his archive and i lol'd at all his evil schemes.
This one is definitely a MUST READ.

Searching Tips To Help You Find Info Faster

All of us have often wasted long hours searching for content when we could have found exactly what we needed fairly easily.
Tip 1
While searching for a group of terms such as science project on environment you'll get much better results if you type it as "science project on environment".This is specially helpful if you are looking for a phrase in a can remove the quotes if you want more results ofcourse.
Tip 2
It will be better if you use parts of sentences in some places instead of asking questions to the search engine because the search engine is not human and looks for text in the documents.
Eg- "a blog is a" will yield better results than 'what is a blog?'
Tip 3
If you are searching fro info on a non acamdemic topic such as video games or iPhone (thats what you search for these days, dont you? then its a good idea to try google blog search it provides more recents content because blogs are updated more frequently than websites.
Tip 4
There are hoards of search engines out there and i have spent 2 hours searching different things on Google,Yahoo,Windows Live,Alta Vista and Rediff search and Google is by far the best.But if you are worried about Gogle's privacy policy,then use Yahoo Search which is the next best.All others are so-so you can make do with them.However whatever you do dont try Windows Live Search because it is indeed a horrror.
Tip 5
Its a god idea to search for a topic on Wikipedia before you relentlessly start searching for it.
Tip 6>
If you want to be kind to me use Jhakaas Search because that will help me in many ways will produce the same search results as google with a different color that will provide a change for the eyes used to seeing the blue-and-white google search results.

Use Social Networking Sites With Caution

Social Networking Sites are sites are those sites which help you to meet people online and increase your friend circle.They also help you to stay in touch.
Orkut,Facebook,Hi5 etc etc are examples of such sites.

These sites are the in thing these days and are more in use than chatting.However an increasing number of traffic on these sites have made them a hangout for cyber crime.Especially orkut and Hi5 which have largest member communities have been immersed in controversies.These places are also the database for spammers who are always on a lookout for email ID's.Here are some of the precautionary steps you may take:
>Keep your email ID in the "hidden" mode.
>Never give out your real info address phone number etc. on your profile.
>Dont use your own picture on the profile it may be morphed.Use some object or if you wanna be different use your Yahoo Avtaar.
>Never give out your credit card number or password even to your trusted friends there is a good chance of their ID getting hacked.

If you take these measures you can enjoy Social Networking sites without worrying about security.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Confused About Email Services?

There are many free email services that will offer a free account. Many of them have different features that will suit different needs.

Windows Live Hotmail-
This is good for those who have been using Outlook before. They offer 2GB of storage for the free account which is enough to store many mails. This email service is only good for creating an account for official use.
Another product from Google this is perfect for first time users .They have a clean user interface and the storage which is 2.5GB now is ever increasing i.e it keeps increasing. Another plus point with this is they allow you to send 20MB of attachments that is double that of any other email provider. Though such large attachments can only be sent from gmail to gmail.
Yahoo Mail-
Yahoo mail is a trusted webmail service that has the most number of users in the world. They have just introduced unlimited storage for their free accounts. Highly recommended for those who want to have fun with their email .You can store unlimited songs, videos and pictures on their servers. Though this service has one downside-with so many users its highly unlikely that you’ll get a username of your choice.

These are the leaders in the free webmail business there are many more that have good interfaces and other features. These include:
AOL Mail: Clean Interface and 10GB storage.(I recommend using the new portal.)
Zapak Mail: Easier to use than any other email service.

Jhakaas Mail: Not many features but a fancy name and guarantee of getting any name that you want. Just an email ID to have fun.

For further queries mail me at