Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Speech Recogination In Windows Vista: A Terrible Joke!

I couldn't think of a better title that would tell any body anything about speech recoganition in Windows Vista. Today I had some free time so i decided that it would be fun to give the long unused speech recogaintion a try. After an hour of painstakingly setting up the whole thing as recommended by Microsoft i get an application that is totaly usesless and takes space as "Empty" Ha Ha Very Funny.

I think i could have typed faster than I would speak using speech recoganition.

For Example i am going to speak :"A Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over The Lazy Dog" and let us see what speech recoganition makes of it.."

P.S.- I also said "peech Recoganition Is totally useless"which somehow made it move downwards...!


Click on the image to see what Speech Recoganition did to it! If that is not enough i have another piece where i sspent 15 minutes dictating "My Name Is" but tried in vain to make it spell my name:

Well if you still have time to kill and happen to own Windows Vista,
Start>All Programs>Accessories>Ease Of Access > Windows Speech Recoganition.
Although I would recommend not deleting it, it would be a good laugh when someone comes over!
{Remember Wild Hogs?}

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